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This site is intended for people with a sense of humor.

If you do not have a sense of humor, just run away. Keep running until you fall off the edge of our flat mother Earth.


I see you have found the digital version of myself.  Pretty cheap, eh?  Well it's by design you see.  I'm a no frills type of guy, and my web page totally reflects that.  From time to time I'll think of new things to add.  Some will stay, others will be tossed.  Hopefully, you'll like what you see and be amused.  And for those brave humorless souls who ventured forward even after my warning...the world really isn't flat.  Honest.



Do I really need to give you directions on how to move around this thing?  Well if you are reading this I assume you lack the mental ability to browse the Net.  You should run away too.  But if you push forward, you do so at your own risk.  See those little white boxes up above with the aTm's?  Click on those to move around the site.  See...it's just that simple.  On my other pages, just click on "HOME" and you end up right back here.  Neat, huh?


Don't think I am funny?  Got a beef that you need to share?  Well I have now given you the chance let me have it.  Just visit my Guestbook page and see what other are saying.  Or add you own witticisms to the list. 

Well that's it !!! I will continually be updating this page.....for as most engineers say "all projects are never finished, they are just abandoned."


If you have something to me you can reach me via e-mail:


"..softly call the muster, let comrade answer 'Here!' "

To the 12 who fell...you will not be forgotten.



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